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Sunday, June 03, 2007

oh this is Fresh, 2007 Blog awards

~ Oh this is really fresh, so I'm on Technorati posting a WTF about Macca, I come across the 2007 Blog awards, well hell Im new at all this, why shouldn't I apply it would be wicked cool and to get some exposure for my wacky lil Macca Beatle Blog that would ROCK! . so If you like my lil ol blog give me a nod, and a vote here at.

oh I just had to edit this post, well for those that do and donot know me well here is the reasoning to my blog maddness, It was suggested to me by a friend as I mentioned above to create a blog, aftre spending 6 years on Paul McCartney's official webby
(almost 23,000 posts later) here I am I suppose I should edit my about me page, lol Im learning everyday about the blogging world & all the lingo. Blogging is a great way to express oneself and if you have a passion why not blog! oh I just added that cool little wiget "Fame my Blog " so you can click on that if you like, Love that word WIDGET, lmao!

Thankyou from Me to You, woohoooo!!
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