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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Everyday somethin new my profile at Fame it! plus powerful Marvin Gaye Vid!

Everyday something new!'

Hiya people you know I spent 3 plus hours last night tryin to change me profile at the
"Fame it webby". Man I tell you hard work for a new blogger. I have these things I'm attemptin to do but donot know how, figure that?
I still don't get Blog roll, catergories, blacklinks, or backtracks, whateveah you call em and a bunch of other stuff it's difficult, remember when you were just starting out lol?

"Whats goin on "but I just keep pluggin along the lil engine that CAN !
Since I was thinkin of Marvin Gaye I also thought about todays world so please check em video's & while your at it check out my new profile at Fame it here
like I said "everyday somethin new" and if you know your music history thats the opening line by Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrel "Your precious Love"

Your precious love

Whats going on!
A powerful video what's happenin in OUR world today
past and present, it is very moving. actually this moved me to tears and made the hairs on me legs stand up.

comment if you like

so enjoy the vids & songs!
I'm tallights
harleyblues note:

NO! I don't agree with the war in Iraq-errrrr!

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