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Monday, June 04, 2007


Hello everyone Im Harleyblues

and man do I have a cool story to tell, this is posted on Paul McCartney's official website! I wanted to share it with other fans!! all smileys included! I hope you enjoy the story.. (excuse the typo's lol)~As per Rolling Stones request I couldn't post this until the issue came out.

Thanx to Bill Werde Editor at Rolling Stone..You Rock Man!!!

Photo by Tori in Texas
Issue Special Edition IMMORTALS cover..


The cats outta the bag~ My Dear friend Leanne. spilled the beans sorta speak, in Talk talk more talk that I am in Rolling Stone mag!~ OMG!! brb as I have lots to speak about! lmao!! OK. I'm back, I didn't even know that the Issue & article was out~ I got an email stating. "I think you are in Rolling Stone mag"?~ Lmao, I haven't even read or seen it yet!

I cannot post the article as I do not have it.. I suppose I can talk about it tho, here is part of the article.. ok Im going to post the interview than Rolling Stones final Edit.

This is how it all happened, I received an email stating an "Editor from Rolling Stone magazine would LOVE to interview me"about my touring experiences with Paul McCartney I thought it was a joke at first,.. I than contacted Rolling Stone, a few days later Bill emailed me back. (than I knew it was for real)
I felt privileged & honored to be asked for an interview...

So about a week plus . Mr Werde and I were playing phone he had a dead line to turn in the story. I rang him about 6:15am here on the West coast I was quite nervous when I phoned I had slept 4 hours,. & wasn't prepared.

This is Christina here from California Bill, calling you ~( sheeesh I never get nervous talking too people) anyhow he thanked me for the last minute interview, as he was sorry that he kept missing me..
So Bill asked my name. & details.. ( his voice was very nice, warm & friendly) ..

RS So you went to See Paul McCartney last summer,.. 04?
HB yes!..
RS have you seen him before?
HB I saw Paul in 03 in Liverpool & Sheffield,..
RS Oh? was this a package trip or?
HB Yes, it was a package tour thru Liverpool Productions I believe, I could be wrong? I think it was Liverpool productions.(oh my) Charles um?.. (I couldnt remember his last name-I was so tired) I said, we were suppose to be going to Scottland. .. but for some reason Paul wasn't doing a Scotland gig at all.. So Sheffield took its place.. we sat in the press box on the second deck,.. he RS did you go to sound check ..
HB no ..
RS What else had happened?
HB We heard that Paul would be at LIPA Art School that day .so we went and hung out for 5 hours trying to catch Paul, I hung out with the press guys,.they wanted Paul to sign my revolver shirt when Paul came out of the school..Finally we went to the back of the school and by this time the crowd had grown, heard that Paul was there..than Paul decides to drive out in his Silver jag~ I was trying to get a picture,. when Paul almost ran over my foot!~ The Press guys were calling out to Heather, Heather Heather!! .. snapping pictures while I was on Paul's driver
HB I swear True story, all my stories are true!!!.. Later on that night we heard that PAUL & THE BAND were at the Cavern.. "everyone go home"so we hung out there until 2-3am. The owner came out "Paul has left"!~ but we didn't leave. Geoff Baker came out, later Paul's guitarist Brian Ray, a bunch of us spoke too Brian- as I did and told him that I was from California.. etc

RS So tell me, did you go to the Liverpool gig & tell me about that experience?

HB Liverpool was MAGIC,. there on Kings Dock on the Mersey River,.. you cannot believe that you are actually seeing PAUL MCCARTNEY at his own home.. (something to that effect)
RS got into sound check.?
HB were suppose to get into the soundcheck in Liverpool,... but for some reason we couldnt (heavy sigh) have a bootleg of that show.....(I have lots of boots, from friends around the world)

RS I have a bootleg also of the LIVERPOOL gig.

HB People from Fan Asylum .. were at the soundcheck!!~ you could see Paul doing sound check on the big screen..rockin, it was great!! I was standing in line when London Times came running up wanting a picture.. (just ask my matey Sarah F...) We were so excited when we got into the gig.Me, Sarah & Daisy~ carrying on, having a good time.. we could feel it , it was bad ass!! very exciting! I mean have you ever seen Paul McCartney?
RS No I havent, but I am now! (you can hear the smile in his voice)

HB Oh Man you gotta see Paul theres nothing like it!~ gawd!
RS So that was it did, you see Paul on 04 Summer tour?

HB OH YES.. (man, I sound like John Hammel) "Oh Yes" hahahaha
RS Tell me about that (smile in his voice)
HB Well, we got there Gijon Spain, the next day I was like, I wanna find Paul!

so there I was hanging out at the stadium.. for hours a tour promoter came out gave me a bunch of posters & things.. that was exciting!! .. there were people from Holland there too.. later on Geoff Baker came out .. I talked to Geoff told him I came out from the States.. he couldn't believe it, all the way from the States he says?..
he told me that Paul would be there later around I told Geoff I had waited there all day long~I know, Geoff said...

RS "WOW" (I think this was the first time Bill Werde said "WOW" during the interview).. (I'm starting to settle down now a bit-but still sleepy!!)

HB a bit later the Spanish Press came out and interviewed me & a few others.. they took our picture for the papers, journalist gave me a press kit~ that was cool..

later on that night we went to see Paul do a rehearsal. for about 20 mins.. and there is Heather "twirling around on the grass" we heard Paul was doing HELTER SKELTER!!~ it was great .. we than got booted out ...20 minutes later.

RS WOW! Were you able to see the sound check.

HB Yes! it was great,.. Brian & Rusty were jammin Led Zepplin tunes!! Oh man it was cool..

RS did Paul see you, did he say hello.... did he interact with the crowd?

HB Yes of course.. Paul was interacting with the crowd,.. it was great!! .. "Hello to my Special guests" he said, waved and we yelled back,.. he said hello to a couple that had just gotten married also.. it was fantastic,.. oh man!!!

RS Wow!! so where were you sitting at the concert?

HB Oh I wasn't, I was standing right in front of Paul..

RS Wooooooooow,. ( Bill is laughing and basically in awe at this point)

HB Yes it was great I held up my sign and Paul pointed & smiled..

My sign said:
Hello Hello
its a Beautiful night

at one point someobe said "man Christina Paul sure is playing alot of attention to you" its funny,.. I know huh?.. (man Im so Californian in my speak) ..

RS Wow!! .. the band must really know who you are?
HB Well I wear this outfit.. maybe.. I dunno, I guess,..I saw Brian (Pauls guitarist) and said Hiya BRIANN, Brian was waving "HI Harley" smiling..

RS whoaaa...

HB I swear nothing beats Paul .. its magic.. !!!
RS Is it great becuz you are very close to one of your Idols?

HB No, No... Its the Music, the "Energy & the Raw emotion that you feel".. its bad ass man.. seeing Paul is a" surreal experience!" its crazy, you feel as if your the only one there.. .....(I got lost for words than)

HB Paul had finished a song, I looked over too Heather.. Heather, Heather could you sign my sign? she smiled and said yes,. Oh man, I couldn't believe how nice Heather was~ everyone wanted to read the sign that she personally autographed.

RS How Long have you been a Paul fan?

HB Well, all my life ever since I could remember! I had a difficult upbringing,. Paul & The Beatles helped me thru,.. they "were there" and as I got older my Love for them accelerated... ( man, I said that? )

RS I hear that people cried at the shows

HB Yes its true!! I must admit, I was one.. when Paul began singin LONG & WINDING ROAD,. I swear I began to cry,.. I couldn't help it..they had a camera filming the crowd.. I hand my hands to my face.. I couldn't help it,.. than I said hell, forget it. I don't care..

HB Paul was interacting with the crowd (fans) and all the signs and things...

RS so Paul interacts with the fans?


so you know, when we heard Helter Skelter,, we all kinda gasped.. I mean Damn.. Paul McCartney doing HELETER SKELTER LIVE?

later on Paul sang Band On The Run.. oh man.. and he pointed to me, and looking at me, he was singing to me .. and I was "oh Pauls singing to me" and I sang back, with Paul pointing to him..... as sang the last verse. .it's like time had stopped.

RS oohhhh...

HB I actually have a Boot DVD of the show that a friend gave me,.. people heard that I had that DVD.. and wanted it, but,...I said NO! I don't want it ending up on E-bay or something... people trying to sell it, its not right.

RS WOW!! you actually have the DVD?

HB Yes~
RS That must be your most prized possesion?

HB (laughing) no,.. it's one of many.
RS I have lots of boots too.

(He asked what I do for a living and where)

RS how do you afford the Luxury of going to all these gigs?. (laughing in amazement)

HB I have lots of vacation time, I work my ass off , work over,. I also have an understanding manager,. everyone knows how crazy I'm about Paul.. and the Beatles..

RS So was that it .. for the summer 04 shows,

HB No,. after I got back from Spain I have some friends that live in New Jersey,..Mike & Mary~ they said "c'mon lets go to Paris".. I couldn't, very last minute, we decided to go,. I found this premium package deal out of England....I spent a ton! something like $280 Euros just for this premium ticket..

RS Was this from Pauls webiste?...
HB No,. I like to search for news and sleuth, some of us post lots of news about Paul there,.. (on his website),..but this was something off the net..

(gawd Im always at Pauls website, I believe I had said)..

So three weeks later I was off for Paris!!

RS wow! (I think he was kinda amazed.. )

RS So tell me about Paris
HB Well when I got into Paris.. I thought I would search out Paul and The band late at night, I walked to the RITZ, I saw John Hammel..

HB John?..
HB Im Chritsina/Harleyblues ..
JH oh yes ~

RS laughin I'm not sure who John is?.. (I think he said that)

HB Oh,.. John works for Paul..
HB where is Paul?
JH Pauls not here.
HB well, where is the band ?..

JH they are out an about carrying on..
HB I saw Paul 3 weeks ago in Spain..

I than showed John an email from Sam Leach that was for Paul & Geoff.. John wouldn't take the email note..
I asked him If he could say hello to Paul..for me or that I was here

JH NO,..

HB I was upset.. and almost cried.. he told me to enjoy the show and left.. (but the conversation was much longer than that)

the next day was the gig~ and my ticket finally came in from England.. by courier.

RS did you get into the sound check ?

HB so I get to the gig and I hear people calling my name.. Harley!! there were fans from Liverpool, from all around the world, from Pauls website- everyone was having a goodtime.. I happened to get an 8th row ticket,. than Heather an her entourage came walking up .. I called out to Heather, & Heather waved to me frantically like waving to an old friend.. man cool HEATHER MCCARTNEY waving to me..

HB (dunno If I mentioned the french rocker chicks the email. & berthday card for Paul )

people were asking questions by then.. so the gig began ..there was space between the seats and the stage, people began to run to the front of the stage!!

Heather did & so did I..

I was standing right next to Heather * everyone was having a great time*.. Paul was sooo happy an interacting with everyone. During one of the songs BRIAN RAY came to my side of the stage and said "Harley, Harley.. hiya Harley,

Hiya Brian I said.. amazed~
how cool is that? Brian commin over to say "HELLO" ..and here is 30,000 plus fans behind me.

RS The band really knows who you are!! (you could hear the smile in his voice)..

HB (I laugh) at one point the french girls pull me too the front of the stage.. and there I am with my sign. Heather and her friends said "show the camera, show the camera" Im pointing to Heathers autograph from just 3 weeks earlier..

and they began to cheer as everyone else around us!!

so I Held up the sign.. and I let out a yell!!

Paul's smillin.. pointing.. (Paul was soo happy everyone was!!) and they were filming was so bad ass the energy, the crowd was wild!.. "it was like going to a Metallica concert!" Paris was fantastic..

RS Wow you had some great experiences.

HB oh man I have lots of stories.


RS well that' all the questions for now,. & good luck in your future Paul touring,

HB "No thankyou" man ROLLING STONE magizine, wow!! what an "honor and a privledge to be in ROLLING STONE magizine". .

(I didn't want it to end)

RS Im glad I could make it happen for you .. said Bill- (a smile in his voice)

HB Well I'm going to the Miami gig, IF I can get a ticket,. If I do Im goin,.. Im there!! The interview was over.. I than spoke to Bill off the record..

So there you have it~ the best to my recollection.. the phone ineterview portion.. If anyone has question feel free to ask!!!!!


So this is how I get IMMORTALIZED in Rolling Stone,

The interview was chopped. dice and sliced.. they didn't write anything reguarding the interview at all damnit!

Rolling Stone
by Bill Werde "Rock & Roll Vacation"
Dylan, U2 and McCartney offer fans deluxe travel packages........

by Bill Werde

Last summer, Christina Giannoni, 40, had an experience that would thrill any Beatles fan. For about $1700 plus the cost of airfare, the California fan got VIP treatment at Paul McCartney's show in Gijon, Spain, including hotel accommodations, great seats and a pass to the sound check. "I held up a sign, and Paul smiled and pointed," says Giannoni. "It was a surreal experience." The previous summer, Giannoni bought a similar package to Liverpool for McCartney's homecoming show; fans from as far away as Japan caught a rehearsal and visited the Cavern Club, where the Beatles got their start. Fueled by baby-boomer rock fans with money to spend and a craving for creature comforts along with their riffs, rock tourism is on the rise.....
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