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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A&E "The Space Within US" Sweepstakes & Giveaway Contest!!

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A&E "The Space Within US" Sweepstakes & Giveaway Contest!!
Jan 1st
Hey people, let's get this contest started. You cannot win if you don't enter? So what are ya whattin for? click on the comment link or" link to this post " or any link to open this page at the bottom of this post. I wanna see someone win!! Will it be you?
Tuesday-afternoon there abouts
foto courtesy A&E

Hello, all you Paul McCartney & Beatles fans, have I got news for you!!-hehehe!
Last night, I received an interesting email from a Representative of A&E home video. (cool beans)

A&E, has just recently created their own site, on
Face book, with monthly giveaways to Face book members. (cool again)
This month, A&E has a sweepstakes-contest for
Paul McCartney's "The Space Within Us" DVD.

One lucky winner will win a copy of :
"The Space Within Us" from A&E. How cool it that!

A&E also gave us Paul McCartney in Red Square, DVD Wasn't that brilliant!?! I don not have Red Square DVD myself, but watched it on the A&E channel. It was, spectacular!

Want a chance to enter to win Paul McCartney's new DVD " The Space Within Us?" click on this link A&E Sweepstakes on Face Book see link here.. all you have to do is answer, 3 lil, questions and that's it!. All rules and requirements on the A&E Face Book site.

In addition, A&E has kindly offered me, two copies, that I may give to readers here on my blog.. this is how it will work:

Contest open to all fans in The US, Canada & Europe! Mexico also included..

I'm not sure how many entries there will be, so please, don't be shy and submit your stories.

1. Please post in detail- your favorite experience seeing Macca live in concert.

2. Favorite McCartney or Beatles cut.. you may post- 2, OK 3.

3. Your name and your country of origin.

Two winners will be selected with the most creative, passionate, McCartney, concert experience, posted here on my blog.

Winners of "The Space Within Us DVD" to include one Fan from the US & One Fan from Europe Canada or Mexico..Winners to choose from Blu-Ray or DVD.

So people, get your thoughts together and your posting fingers ready. Post/submit here in detail( in the comments section) your most memorable "Paul McCartney Concert" ever, on this thread. Please post/submit in the comments section below. Now you have 3 chances to win! Once from A&E and twice via my blog. I can't wait to watch Macca's new DVD myself!

Note: I realize, not everyone has a blog or an account with Blog spot-if this describes you, you can post anonymously- however please, post your name, etc detailed in the rules above.

Thank You for visiting my blog and Thank You A&E!
Good Luck- I look forward to reading all your Macca concert stories!

This Tour
On man! this tour brings so many memories. I was able to see 8 amazing gigs. I attended both San Jose shows in the 5th row both nights..The 2nd night I was a mess during "The Long & Winding Road Nellie & Swaying Daisy squeezed my hand, said Paul was looking at me ..Brian singled at the end, they would be back for an encore, during the end..I nodded. During Sgt, Pepper reprieve,
Macca signaled to me with a flip of his wrist, to send up my sign !!! when the sign reached Paul he flipped it over-real cool like-than signed the front it's (on the side there on my sidebar!) He Signed PAUL~ across The side! also Swaying Daisy's album, that I had placed up top! I got that sign back and was in shock! Paul McCartney had just signed my sign!! than a few days later, Swaying Daisy and I were off to Vegas ( I have a piccie of me sitting in front in San Jose, but hey I'm not foto-genic)

Vegas was kinda a bad scene. The First night I was on the floor all the way to the back. The second night off the floor too the right, where I had an extra ticket-and no one to buy it or offer it too. Still, glad that I got to see Paul & The band. I lost $500 bucks gambling and Daisy and I couldn't find a decent place to eat on Thanksgiving...Daisy flew home a day later than I was off to LA to The Standard-near The Staples center..

We arrived in a limo where security at Staples harassed me for my sign~and took it until the gig was over.... FIGURES~Two concerts in LA Staples Center 1st night in the 2nd row in front of Paul and the 2nd night Nelley R. and I didn't have the best seats in the house. ha! We were in the far right row on the floor near Jack Nicholson. .. We couldn't see the concert well, why? Cuz this girl was holding up a huge "it's my birthday" sign Nelley R. and I were bummed! Shortly after Heather Mills, noticed us, came up to us and said:

"Here, this is from Paul he wanted you to have these!" Heather gave us each one of Paul's guitar picks~

Nelly kept diggin in her purse, she asked heather to sign her purse ha! but Heather turned her down. We thanked Heather & shook her hand!~ It was cool to see Gene Simmons in the 5th row, there at Staples.

Next it was off to Sacramento Arco Arena- we waited for Paul in back for hours but had fun! When Paul finally arrived it was, past dusk= he was running late. I said "where are you Paul?" said Paul "Im here I'm right here" as he drove slowly past us...

I was in the aisle, in the 10th row with my "she's not the brightest of buttons" poster, which Paul said to me-"and I'm reading yours now" during the gig, (those of us that bug, Paul, with our signs that we carry to the gigs)....All in All the tour was magnificent! Brilliant beyond words..( I do have a piccie of us waiting for Paul in back but promised not to post it~)

Some of the Highlights-Too Many People/Polythene Pam. I've got a Feeling. Helter Skelter. English Tea..Get Back. Fixing a Hole. Long & winding Road. Eleanor Rigby. Please Please me!
So C'mon people I'm waiting for your concert re-views ~

Note: post subject to updates
It's almost New Years here in California much Peace & Prosperity to you in the in coming New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Don't forget to enter here=
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