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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Harleyblues goes wild for Macca at Starbucks

Ok am I crazy or what!!!!I just went into my local Starbucks in Sunnyvale California went up to the counter and said on PLEASE MAY I HAVE THAT PAUL MCCARTNEY POSTER!!!!!

I don't see why not they said,.... they had me give them my telly number and write my name on the back of the poster........ in red ink of course This belongs too C. and than my last name.. I was soo excited the assistant manager said I could have it if she was there after the promotion, so its not set in stone.. the poster is a lil bigger than an 8'10 on card stock with a front and a back!!!~

just like they have here on the website ohhh Im soo excited keeping my fingers crossed that they will give it too me.. !!! it took piccies of it with my fone but the glare!! I told them they have to buy this album!!! its soo fantastic they were all lookin at me.,.. I think they wanted to laugh ay my excitement!!!!
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