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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Heather Mills regrets Marriage split

Heather Mills regrets marriage split
Sunday, May 27 2007

Heather Mills has decided that she regrets her split from Sir Paul McCartney, according to a report.The former model has told pals that she would rather give her marriage another try than receive a huge cash sum as part of their divorce settlement.One friend told the

News of the World: "She said she'd been devastated by the divorce" and has become an emotional wreck. Heather doesn't care about the huge load of money coming her way. She'd much rather be happily married than rich and miserable. "She said she would gladly give back every penny for another shot at happiness with Paul. She loved being married to him and it was the biggest regret of her life that things became so awful between them that divorce was the only option."

Note: wow!! Heather perhaps you should tell Paul your feelings?
I would, I mean you were married for 4 years honesty is always best, tell him!
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