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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Part 11 a Macca Experience

Note: If you have not read the entire story and would like to, click below on "older posts" and go back to part 1.

So as we were walking My mate Sarah F, Swaying Daisy & I,..decided to take a cab to the "Dock" where Paul was performing,...Oh my god!!! we were almost there going to see Paul in Liverpool woohoooo!! so the cabby took us behind the dock... as we were walking by people were saying HELLO~ I saw you on the telly christina! that was funny~ the line wasn't too bad as I was getting many a stare from my outfit!!~ after awhile a gentleman with a camera came up to us,, and said my I take your picture 'sure I said,..he was with the London Times..(christ Sarah couldn't find it & I even tried to mail the times with no answers)~ It was soo exciting to hear Paul doing his sound check!!~ and if you stepped on your tippiest of toes, you can see Paul on the huge screen,..
he was doing Volare was exciting...You could feel the magic in the air!!~ so they decided to open the gates and "let the fans in!" wooohooo I started to walk very briskly than I ran to get as close to the front as possible!!~ there we were standing in line & there had to be a guy there that stood about 7 feet in height maybe more..Sarah was getting tired so she sat on the ground an began to text message Paul our messages.. hell what did the messages say anyways?.. something
No mines no meet
Paul we love your harleyblues usa Sarah
these messages were appearing on a giant screen above the stage. We were getting so very excited they had some great text messaging~ Fiona kept ringing Sarah which we were hoping that it was Paul!! and finally you here the intro that the gig was going to start,... the stage was pretty small & the pre-show was great being so close to the stage!!~ not a little but
the 7 foot guy moved to the right abit where Sarah, Daisy & I could see.... than the silhouette of Paul ,...we were jumping up and down with excitement!!!~ it's Paul & he broke out in Hello Goodbye!!~I guess I caught his attention with my sign that said...
surrounded by hearts..they were reflective hearts. and as Paul was singing he was twisting his head to read the sigh to his right!!! nodding back & fourth, Sarah was jumping up & down Daisy too, saying Paul's reading your sign OMG OMG!!~ Sarah, ah Sarah pulling my arm"mate mate Paul is reading your sign" lol so were the other people around us.... he kept singing an looking our way it was grand!! Paul was sooo close we could practically touch him ....wooohoooo... he than began to talk after the song. don't ask me what I don't remember.
saying HELLLOO LIVERPOOOOL!!~ the crowd roared I thought I was at a football game the cheers were soo loud!! I think Paul noticed my MACCA hat..with all em silver glittery letters on if HE HAD SEEN THAT HAT BEFORE, perhaps in the states or maybe the telly?
Crumb I don't know what else to write. except maybe bits & pieces I remember.I know it began to rain down hard for a few minutes... than stopped suddenly.. You could see people from across the Mersey...standing on their decks listening to the wonderful GIG!!!~ wooohooooo... I know at one point Paul said this song is dedicated .. and I screamed as loud as I COULD Me! wooohooo I'm a loud screamer... lol.. oh It was grand outside like that .. so much better than an indoor arena.. where security is so tight!!
so that is about it. unless Swaying Daisy provides me with some blurry details. I'm crrently trying to locate the setlist and Paul's face piccie when he came out singing "Hello Goodbye"
to be revised, wink!
June 1 2003 - Kings Dock - Liverpool, England
Hello Goodbye
All My Loving
Getting Better
Let Me Roll It/Foxy Lady-
ending Honey Hush
Lonely Road
Your Loving Flame
Every Night
We Can Work It Out
You Never Give Me Your Money/Carry That Weight
The Fool On the Hill
Here Today
Eleanor Rigby
Here There and Everywhere
I've Just Seen A Face
Calico Skies
Two Of Us
Maggie Mae
Slow version of Band On The Run intro then Band On The Run
Back In The USSR
Maybe I'm Amazed
Let 'Em In
My Love
She's Leaving Home
Can't Buy Me Love
Live and Let Die
Let It Be
Baby Face (whole song)
Hey Jude (Encore)
Long And Winding Road
Lady Madonna
I Saw Her Standing There
I Lost My Little Girl
Sgt. Pepper's Reprise/The End.
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