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Monday, May 14, 2007

Paul McCartneys back catolog to go online

Paul McCartney's back catalogue to go online
Where are The Beatles songs?
14.May.07 10:55am
Paul McCartney's entire catalogue is set to be available online for the first time, his record label EMI has announced.All of the former Beatles star's albums, including his solo work and releases with Wings, will be available via download.The news heightens anticipation that The Beatles' back catalogue will also be available as legal downloads for the first time, and as previously reported on NME.COM it has been suggested that the deal is "virtually settled".A date for the online release of McCartney's solo work is yet to be confirmed, though EMI indicated that there would be physical re-releases too.Meanwhile, McCartney's next new release will be 'Memory Almost Full', which is out on June 4.
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