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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Feet in the clouds attempting to be

Ok than no comments on the blue font.. As I'm sitting here getting ready to be responsible for the day.
People are lining up for the New York "secret gig" isn't that just damn fun!

I'm happy for those that can attend so while I'm trying to get over my major disappointment let me provide you with a small snippet of "Feet In the clouds" the album Memory Almost Full is damn Brillant!!

upadate there are 30 plus people waiting inline in front of the ballroom for tomorrow nights gig to See Paul McCartney & "My Band" hope you can attend as I can't

update 6/13
well looks like they only gave out 150 wrist bands, not like the 500 in London last week 15oo people were in line, most turned away! what a bummer I'm glad I didn't fly to New York on a wing and a prayer after all. Congrats the members of Pauls webby who got wrist bands.

I think it should be for the members only, myself!!!
I'm tailights

Here is a piccie of people that stood inline to get a precious wrist band to see Paul McCartney in private "Secert Gig"

more details later
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