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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Notes to friends new and old Fame it!

hey I know I might have given you all the wrong link to the site here in Google search.

my blog URL does not show up in search, this is blog site link here the link should always say "at blog spot" somewhere when you search k?

for future reference if you dig my blog which I hope you do, see pink or black "Fame it" button to your left this's where you click on the botton you must register. I understand people have been getting lost in the process.
So please register & vote for me & my blog if you so choose. It's so much appreciated by me and I THANK YOU for your support. I'm new at all this just wanna get the word out and be heard. This is hard work but goods things take hard work at times, feel me?

Once you vote I'll see your names as having voted "Hello to Nelly & Tony and bro & sis" in Amsterdam hope your having a freaking great time miss you all, have one for me. So like I said I have 3 blogs rolled into one and workin to link a fourth blog.

stay tuned
Love & hugs to all


note: I have nominated another blog
The Beatles and Evyone that loves them click here
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