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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Paul reveals about reuniting with The Beatles The day that he dies

The day when I die The day when I die… it’s an interesting topic.. I’ve already thought about it, and I realised that I liked the Irish tradition which consists of telling jokes during the funerals. So the day when I die , I would love funny jokes. It’s rather better than watching around you and see all these people crying.

The come back of the Beatles I‘ve ended up by playing all the instrument on my own, except some pieces on the drums.. so far so good.. this send me back to the Beatles period as well as some of my new stuff.. do you remember the melodies.. but you know I’m in a period of my career where I can afford it : this is my style I’m at the origin of the Beatles .. there are so many artists who have been inspired by them, that I take the right to do it myself isn’t ?

. But I must tell you a secret ,I’ve a real phantasm: if we were alive the four of us .. I dream of reuniting the Beatles .. I like the idea.
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