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Saturday, July 21, 2007

All you need is Love in diaper campaign? NO no no!

Saturday, July 21, 2007
Ad leaves Beatles fans wanting a revolution
D sewell AP

Help! Some Beatles fans are feeling down about the latest use of a Fab Four song in a commercial — the 1967 peace anthem “All You Need Is Love” highlights a new disposable diaper campaign. “I just cannot see a Beatles song being used for trivial things ... not Beatles songs!!!!” fan Andy Bonnell said by e-mail from Liverpool, England, the Beatles’ home base.

Such sentiments represent something of a lost cause. A version of their song “Help!” was used in a car commercial in 1985, and the many appearances since then include the late John Lennon’s son Julian’s 2002 cover of “When I’m Sixty-Four” for insurer Allstate Corp. and current Target Corp. store commercials that use a version of “Hello Goodbye” — “Goodbuy” in the ads.

The Beatles "All you need is Love" 1967
notice Mick Jagger in the back ground

But the “All You Need...” campaign, launched this month for Procter & Gamble Co.’s Luvs diapers, struck a particularly sour note for some fans, who heated up online forums about it. Among the objections is that the idealistic song, popular in the counterculture
“Summer of Love” era and among Vietnam War opponents, is being used at the time of another war, in Iraq, to evoke soiled diapers. “For people who feel that political connection, it comes off as kind of a callous action,” said Angela Natividad, coeditor of, a marketing commentary site.

“You’ve got the Beatles, which draws like, religious feelings, and you’ve got the war.” The commercial’s tag line irritates some, too: ‘All you need is Luvs?’ pleeeeease,” wrote “Instant Karla” on the’s “fab forum” discussion group. see more here

harleyblues take:
C'mon NO, its really fab too see Beatles songs featured in commercials but not this, not a song that represents Peace & Love a Beatles anti war anthem. Man this SUX and not well. Can you say boycott? Hum, I wonder what Paul McCartney & Ringo will have to say about this? What a stinky shame this is NOT a cute idea at all and should be pulled immediately, just my two cents worth of course.
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