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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dedicated to Fans around the world New and old!

Never heard of the Beatles? scroll down thread 11 video's posted.
Listen, see some slammin videos Ladies and Gentlemen The Beatles!

So I dedicate this posty to All of you that have never heard of or even listened to a

Beatle record which Beatles songs should I post? there over 500 plus songs by the
"Fab Four" perhaps a lil history first,a short version. The Beatles are from Liverpool England started by John Lennon and Paul McCartney they were called the "The Quarrymen" in the early years.

In 1957 Paul McCartney and John Lennon, who were already involved in the music scene individually, met at a church fete and formed the The Beatles. George Harrison joined the band shortly after, followed by Pete Best - their original drummer. The group were known as
The Quarrymen and began to play gigs around the City. The band had several different names before settling on The Beatles.

The group gained much experience while playing in Hamburg, Germany and in November 1961, during a Cavern Club concert in Liverpool, the Beatles were spotted by Brian Epstein. By following year, Brian secured a record contract for the group. Beatlemania was about to begin!

Pete Best was replaced by a drummer named Ringo Starr and the Beatles recorded their first single 'Love Me Do', which reached No 17 in the charts. Their second single was the first of many to reach the number 1 spot. Beatlemania reached America in 1964, with'
Please Please Me to 73 million viewers tuning in to watch the band play on the
Ed Sullivan show.

Can't buy me Love From Hard days Night

Saw here Satnding there 1964

excerpt from Sam Leach

"By this time I was totally hooked...a prisoner of The Beatles. Their rich, wild sound seemed to pulse right through my body, reverberating around the room. By now everyone was watching in total awe Even the gangs had declared a truce and stood mesmerized. Immediately after the show finished, I followed them into their dressing room, which in reality was a ladies toilet converted for the night.
Excitedly waving my bookings diary, I told John and Paul
"One day lads, you're going to be as big as Elvis." John looked at me as though I was insane and muttered to Paul. "We've got a right nutter here Paul." Paul, knowing who I was, smiled and said. "Yes...but he's got a club and work for us."

I gave them twelve bookings there and then and for me this began a two year roller coaster ride through Rock'n'Roll history. They made their debut for me at the Cassanova Club on February 9th 1961. Three years later, February 9th 1964, they were on The
Ed Sullivan Show. Pretty damn quick rise to fame I would say....right??

The Beatles Shea stadium 64

Here comes the sun

Hey Bulldog 1966

The Beatles had their psychodelic years! lol

I am the Walrus

Strawberry Fields

The Beatles - Eleanor Rigby (1966)

Something The Beatles

A Day in a life

Polythene Pam

So there you have it The Beatles and Man let me tell you, it took me hours to create this post so please watch em or else. joking of course! sharin my LOVE of the Beatles with you.
Man I'm taillights

Wow so Im checkin blog log yesterday I spent 7 hours on this thread whf? Thats mad!
I went thru countless hours of listening to music vids are just plain crap so please enjoy
and leave your comments

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