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Monday, July 02, 2007

Wow whats up with some Bloggers on Fame it quit spamin us

Wow, is there anyone else out there gettin the sense that people in this contest are tryin to force you to vote for them? The Bloggers in the contest I'm referring to, not friends or family we can bother them, they love us lol. It's Just gettin to be a lil annoying and scary feel me? Leaving you chronic messages VOTE FOR ME! almost threatening in nature. I'm not liken that one bit.

Crumb, I try my best to see what blogs & bloggers are in the contest If I dig their blog I'm going to vote for them simple as that there are some fantastic blogs bloggys out there. I leave messages pertaining to that person-blogger. The only peoples I'll beg is me FRIENDS. Hello people get a clue, get with the program it's making this not fun with the constant SPAM ME VOTE FOR ME DRAG IN OUR MESSAGES!

please feel free to post your comments I'm interested what others have to say on this matter
I'm Taillights

July 3rd
harleyblues note:

I totally support and honest contest with great people and I have met some here at the "Fame it" awards. I just want everyone to have fun, isn't this what it should be about?
just my opinion of course
I'm Tailights
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