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Monday, August 13, 2007

No Paul McCartney & Christy Brinkley are not hookin up!

accourding to Extra
Paul McCartney & Christy Brinkley were seen together this past weekend in the Hamptons. a Photo was shot of the pair where Paul & Christy looked close, cluddling actually seeing a James Taylor concert . They are both going through the same type of ordeal, can you say divorce? Paul & Christy are just friends!

Well its been reported that Paul & Heather were on holiday in the Hamptons with Baby Bea. Ok, did they return home and than go back to the Hamptons as I posted last month, or, hummm?
Now Heather is in Las Vegas on holiday with Bea. Than Paul & Christy Brinkley are seen this past weekend in the Hamptons attending a concert? Sounds like cut-up spaghetti to me~

Heather in Vegas on Holiday, well good for Heather and the B&W two piece you go Miss H.
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