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Monday, September 10, 2007

Oprah surprised she never married a Beatle?

Oprah's surprised she never married a Beatle?

lol well that's news to me, Oprah says:

" She wasn't as nervous interviewing Dave Letterman recently, as she was Paul McCartney"

she always dreamed of the Beatle, and as we all all know never married him~
excerpt here from Extra:

Oprah Winfrey made a surprise marriage confession to “Extra” in New York today, revealing that she always wanted to marry Beatle Paul McCartney!
“I’m really shocked that I never married Paul McCartney,” she confessed. “As a kid growing up I had every single dream of mine that I wanted to come true, to come true, except I never married Paul McCartney.”
harleyblues note:
what made Oprah bring up this confession today, was she recalling past guests who made her knees weak, or was it the possibility of flubbing up and interview, and quickly thought of Paul? David Letterman is the King of late night after all and can outshine just about anyone in his presence. Or could it be all the media attention lately with Macca, "kickin it" with other women that had Ms. O. reminiscing,what if, what it?

thoughts anyone?
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