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Monday, September 17, 2007

Paul McCartney on BBC radio 1 today

Paul McCartney on BBC Radio 1 today

Today Paul McCartney kicks off the 40th anniversary of BBC's Radio 1 where Macca will spin the disks of some of his favorite tunes plus a few of Pauls own music. Paul also to make a "special announcement" at 1pm.
Listen to Paul McCartney today live on Radio 1. I wonder if Paul will be playing vinyl or cds? hehehe
What will it be, a new tour? there is a rumour that Paul will introduce the
Beatles to itunes. It's 7:45 am here in California. it's 4pm in the UK right now? lol correct me if I'm wrong. according to the BBC website, Pauls show will kick off at

9pm tonight UK time 1pm west coast time.

Foto: from BBC Radio 1 webby

Cannot wait to hear Paul live on the radio! does this rock or what! you go Paul, woohoooo! Man Radio 1 is rawkin it out now, as Im listening! What is the X-Factor? is this American Idols counter part? laughin at the snippet sung by Thomas is it? the link above in green is a link to Radio 1 webby. please post if you are going to listen to Paul today! 2 hours and 14 mins until Paul. Is Paul live or is this pre-recorded?

lol I just emailed one of the DJ's on radio 1 Scott Mills (any relation to Heather? ha)

Hey Radio 1

you guys are "off the hook" Im liken your station, tons! Im listening to you via my blog waiting on Macca an his DJ debut. a HUGE Macca/Beatle fan I am.Tell me is Paul spinnin vinyl or poppin in cds? lol ta harleyblues, Christina >from California, US Live chat here on Radio one here two minutes until Paul!!! the chat room is closed!

A Semi-narrative of Pauls show:

Paul bought his first record at "Currys" Be-Bop-a-lula by Gene Vincent. The Beach Boys "God Only Knows" is an emotional song for Paul, "it does it for me" said Paul, He loved singing it with Brian one of Brian wilsons best, a genius.

Paul states "I will never tire playing "Hey Jude" written for Julian Lennon, originally titled "Hey Jules." since Julian was going thru had family times. Paul digs the opening piano in Radioheads-Everything in its right place. Paul also fell in love with some music before his time, "his dads era" cheek to cheek by Fred Astire romantic and technically great said Paul.

Macca plays the Sex Pistols as his 7th song, right on Paul! a great song for its time "pretty Vacant". When Paul heard this next song on a radio show one night he said "it knocked his bloke off" hehehe good one. What did I say-by Ray Charles.

A Day in a Life was written by John Lennon & Paul from news paper snippets. They were banned from the BBC for the lyrics "4,000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire" as being to suggestive. Paul also says he likes todays bands who can play live the "killers" are one such band.

After the breakup of the Beatles when John Lennon came up with Imagine - Paul was like "Oh yeah, Johns come up with a classic" I wonder if Paul cried, when he played this? he wonders if John knew he was a fan of his and hopes John was a fan of Pauls as well.

Paul says he loved Little Richard and could not believe his voice,Claimed Little Richard

"I taught Paul everything he knows, wooooooooooo" Paul mimicin Lil Richard. lol The first time Paul ever heard of Elvis Presley was when he went to the "Liverpool int. for boys" on the back of mag cover (Of the enemy?) was Elvis Presley, "The kinda name you had to learn first, and usual name" says Paul. As for ME I missed the Day in a Life bit, and what paul had to say while typing, ha.

Well as a whole, well done Paul! I loved the show. I loved all the songs choices with the exception of Little Bear, Yikes! below is a list of all songs played by Macca!

Wow, Paul plays the Sex Pistols! Right on Paul!

1. Be-Bop-a-lula Gene Vincent song 2.God Only knows by the Beach Boys 3. Hey Jude-The Beatles. 4. Little Bear- The Gilmonts? 5. Everything in its right place-Radiohead 6. Cheek to cheek-Fred Astaire 7. Pretty vacant- The sex pistols 8. blackbird-the Beatles 9. What did I say-Ray Charles 10. A Day in a life-The Beatles 11.When you were young-The Killers 12.Imagine John Lennon 13. Long tall Sally-Little Richard 14.Heart break hotel-Elvis Presley 15.Sgt Pepper

Stay tuned!

Just had to add a Day in a Life-the Beatles
for Paul & John and their naughty lyrics. I must say tho, could they have not produced a better vid for such great lyrics?
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