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Monday, September 03, 2007

This War and President Bush!

The War & President Bush

OK, I just have to say my peace here today, more of a statement than anything else, am I the only one here sick of President Bush & this war in Iraq? No, I'm not anti-American but I am ANTI WAR & ANTI BUSH! sorry Pres, but in plain American english

"You suck at leading this country & this farce of a war in Iraq",
bring all the troops home already this war is done "played out" let Iraq run its own country! Who is the government to police the world anyway? It makes me sick just thinking about it. I saw the silly little speech you gave to the troops today in Iraq on this Labor day.
Yes the troops need support & that is to bring them home, not a bunch of bullchips banter selling "wolf tickets."to the troops. End the war now!

Pearl Jam w/ Ben Harper - No More (Lollapalooza 2007)please have a listen a song dedicated to a veteran named Thomas and the war in Iraq.

On a side note: I just spent quite a few hours trying to locate
Eddie Vedders- Bridge School Benefit-song
"Find another country" nowhere to be found so I will post another video,"No war" above.
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