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Sunday, October 07, 2007

hear what I did today on me birthday?

hear what I did today on me b-day ?

Here is what I did today on me berrthday. I watched a movie on BET called "holiday Heart" starring Ving Rhames, I tripped cuz he played a Queen/female impersonator in the movie, wha?
I didn't know Ving could be so emotional and sensitive Iv'e always seen him play "gansta" roles ya feel me? I like Ving as an actor and see him differently today after watchin the flick. I than went rented 5 movies at Blockbuster, got me some potato soup at Marie C's & some pumpkin cheesecake, yum, I'll see Across the Universe nextweek.

Ving Rhames in Holiday. Ving on the left in Undisputed with Wesley Snipes.
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