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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Paul McCartney's Golden boy & band mate Brian Ray check him out!

Note: If you do not want to listen to Brian's 4 tracks hit the stop button
Took down the player so you donot have to hear it each time you vist~

Paul McCartney's Golden Boy & band mate Brian Ray check him out!

I sent Brian a message the other day asking if I could write about him on my blog, Brian graciously said sure!~ I thought it was wicked cool that he gave me the go ahead. Brian has had a bad ass career in music to date

Reluctant Rawk God and Bass Player for Paul McCartney

Brian has had a Rawkin awesome Music career to date beginning his career with:
Bobby Picket who did the Monster Mash.
-He than went on to played for Blues legend Etta James for 14 years as her band leader, yeah that's right, trip huh?
- Following this Brian went on to play with the legendary Smokey Robinson who he co-wrote and played with for many years, we Love Smokey.
-Could it get any better than this for Mr Ray?

Finally, Brian ended up playing with the
greatest living Legend of them all Paul McCartney as a twist of fate would happen with his fellow Paul McCartney band mate Rusty Anderson another brilliant musician.

Brian's Mondo Magneto is wicked awesome, I tell you not one bad cut on the entire album. Brian shows his musical know how and sensitivity throughout the album, along with his
wicked, raw, guitar skilz and catchy lyrics.
"The man can Shredd" One of my favorite tracks is "Vinyl" Lovin it!~ This is a must have album! So here's to Brian Ray one awesome, down to earth Cat, you go Rawk Starr!!
Brian Rays myspace page
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