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Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Paul McCartney interview with the Chicago times

New Paul McCartney interview with The Chicago Time
psst If your wondering where the music is comming from it's a post here scroll down Brian Ray Paul's band mate lol
The McCartney interview: 'I'm trying to create an antidote' for difficult times It’s been a tumultuous year for Paul McCartney. He severed a five-decade relationship with his record label to release his latest solo album, “Memory Almost Full,” on a new imprint (Hear Music) backed by the Starbucks coffee chain.
And he is going through a painful divorce with Heather Mills that has been widely covered in the tabloid press. But when reached at his recording studio on his 160-acre estate in the British countryside, McCartney was in his usual affable mood.

“Memory Almost Full” has re-entered the Billboard album chart after being re-released with bonus music and DVD content, and a three-DVD set documenting his post-Beatles career,
“The McCartney Years” (Rhino), is now in stores.

“The sun is out and the view of the English Channel is just beautiful,” McCartney reports, a reflection of the optimism the now 65-year-old singer brings to most of his ventures.
here is an excerpt

Q: You’ve always had empathy for other people in your music. You can hear it in “She’s Leaving Home,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “Hey Jude,” “Let It Be.” It’s that “take a sad song and make it better” vibe. It’s even on “Memory Almost Full,” where on “The End of the End” you imagine your own funeral and you’re basically cheering up the mourners: “It’s not so bad.”
A: It seems to be in my personality. It’s what I enjoy to do in music. I know my music reaches people. One of the great joys of my life is walking down the street and someone comes up and says, “I don’t want to bother you, I just want to thank you. Your music helped me out big time.” And they’ll tell me a little example of why. I find that every emotional, it’s a great buzz to hear that. It’s a natural thing to see that quality in music. It’s what it has always meant to me.

harleyblues take: Paul I couldn't agree with you more, I have been waiting to thankyou all my life. You & The other Beatle mates have made such a big impact on my life, you have always been there when others were not. You can't imagine what that's like. I hope to tell you one day personally with a" Cuppa English tea" wink-smile*
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