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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Stop the presse's Audrey is back from London her lil review & live concert footage!

Stop the presse's Audrey is back from London her lil review and Live concert footage!
note: the concert link I posted last week is now down but check these freakin concert vids out!

Well i am finally home from London, and have caught up on some sleep, what a fantastic time was had and an experience i will never forget.

Yes the two girls from California love u sign was made on my wrapper to my hamburger while waiting in line, as folks were getting antsy and there was about 1-2 hours left. Sharon made the sign, on which i commented only 2, and the funny thing is, paul made the same comment.

From Macca/Lennon damnit this video rawks and so vividly clear! I see you guys great now!

Another thing that was way cool is i had taken a picture in hopes to have it signed, it was one from amoeba in which he is at the piano and his back is to us, but in the piano reflection you can see him, it is one of the pictures i am proud of, so i took it, rolled it up, put a sharpie on it to hold it rolled (and to sign with of course) and it was very light so i took some little coin - 20c perhaps and put it in there and launced it on stage, and you can see him pick up the picture and

he said "is this for me?" and he put it in his pocket, it was at the end of lady Madonna. it has my name and address on the back but i dont care if i get it back, i can always print more, but it is neat that he actually saw it, for he put it in his pocket and it remained there the rest of the night.

From Macca/Lennon damn just fantastic Calico skies & Eleanor Rigby,brillant!

we ended up being on the video bunches of times, funny thing is after being in line with some of these folks twice, during the audience shots i can name almost all of the people shown......kind of weird, guess i might be turning into a real fan now!!!!

Let it be-Lady Madonna Paul @ The Roundhouse

i met wonderful people, both before during and after the show, both at the show and during my entire vacation. we took the tube and the bus everywhere, ( after a few days on the tube we realized you don't see a thing from the underground so we got on the bus so we could see where we were going) and our room was 5 stops on the bus from the roundhouse and two different tubes so we easily went back and forth numerous times on the bus, it ran 24 hours a day.

Get Back @ The Round House damn rawkin gettin goose bumps on this one!

also did all the sights of London while there, abbey road, Beatles shop, Parliament, big Ben, palaces and mews, cathedrals ( the cardinal was saying mass when we went and the choir and organ was at full force) and the dome to go with it (best pictures were from the dome) shops, towers, bridges, jewels, mansions, parks, pubs - had the best food at the pubs- and again tubes trains and buses.

what a wonderful time was had and i am still going through with drawl. the videos on you tube are wonderful but the ones on my camera i like cuz they are of only Paul, and they are mine!

thanks to all of the boardies on this board that made this trip so special, it went so fast and there was so much more i wanted to do, might have to go back sometime, perhaps maybe this summer

Saw her standing there
harleyblues take: I wonder if Paul is going to send Audrey back the piccie? Do you think Paul will post it in the mail? lmao! I know I love London too Audrey I'm very happy for you girls, and eveyone that had such a rawkin time, right on damnit wish I had been there. I see all ya'all!
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