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Saturday, December 08, 2007

The day the world stood still John lennon's untimely death

The day the world stood still John Lennon's untimely death

It's hard to believe that it has been 27 years, since John Lennon was assassinated by that CREEP MDC. Who would have known that this would be John & Yoko's last walk together? I sure did not, as I was in high school on this fated day. I must say that I was truly shocked and in tears, how could someone kill one of my hereo's?

Today a quiet kind of silence of reflection and memories that come flooding in since
I first heard The Beatles music as a lil girl.Today I remember the positive influence that John Lennon gave to the world, his message of PEACE * LOVE, and humour that brought smiles to my face.

His beautiful music we will always have to listen to and too celebrate his spirit which will never be forgotten. A great man you were John W. Lennon, I love you John ~ where ever you may be "Across the Universe"
Below is a sampling of John Lennon and Beatles vids.

God-John Lennon

Watching the Wheels

That Boy-The Beatles

I'm only sleeping-The Beatles
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