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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What's with the biased media? and Clinton's win!

What's with the biased media? and Clinton's win!

man how I wished I was a brillant writer, Why? cuz if I was I'd be blasting the media lol. You know what I'm talkin about. IF you haven't noticed by now, how biased and one sided they are towards B. Obama. Yeah they're in his corner, in pocket!

It does make me suspicious like a fixed race or fighting bout. Who is paying Fox & MSNBC media to be all up on Obama's grill? It's almost disjusting. I have a huge respect for Chris Mathews but did you see his face after Hillary Clinton gave her victory speech tonight?

he looked like he lost his best friend and had to regain his composure with a quickness you saw it, yep and so did I if you were watchin.
I'm wondering if Chris still has his "Man Crush" for Obama? All them damn people on MSNBC were just waiting to jump for joy if Hillary Clinton lost tonight in Texas, Ohio, & RI~ woohooo to the people of these states.

Keep up the great Fight Hillary woohooo!!!

No the "Hillary Hater" Rachel with the "dude do" wasn't funny with her one liner "Obama just made his call to Hillary Clinton conceding" but wait until 3am line.....ahhh..errrr duhh~

Now Hillary wins Texas too!

Keith Olberman just lost my respect asking Obama's campaign manager if Hillary
"should she get out tonight" with a smirk on his face! Doesn't it just piss you off that these news people think Senator Clinton is some kinda joke? does Olberman deserve the "Creep" video? tell me please I'll post it. Oh let's not forget their spin on SNL, more of that later.

The news team tried to infer the reason to Hillary's huge victory was due to, Tina Fey's skit makin reference of "Bitch is the new black" righhhttt.... What does the media take us for? lol
props to Tim Russert he's a goodin..and I just had to make that clear.


ded: to Keith Olberman of MSNBC with the perfect hair, perhaps one day he will redeem himself than we can throw out another cut for him. lol

I was going to continue on with my rant of the way biased media, but I will refrain, as I have been sick again in 3 weeks. Thank God I have health insurance.
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