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Friday, June 13, 2008

a Great Journalist passes Tim Russert

a Great Journalist passes, Tim Russert

What a shock as I heard in the distance while at work, Tom Brokaw announcing Tim Russert collapsed and passed away today. WHAT!!! oh-NO~
What a Powerhouse and Great Political journalist Mr. Russert was .. I loved him during this current Presidential campaign and debates between Obama and Clinton.. his infectious smile and honest reporting that everyone can relate too thru-out the years across America.

He was exciting to watch, while interviewing anyone, with his "drop the bomb style" questioning of his guests with integrity and honesty, the Real Deal a trusted journalist.
What a shocking loss to his colleagues and people that watched him daily. I'm sure he will be hugely missed.. I surely will miss him during the rest of this Presidential campaign..and past than.. I understand he liked music Chuck Berry was his favorite so lets dedicate this vid of Chuck Berry to Tim Russert..

Chuck Berry-Johnny B Goode
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