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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Clinton suspends campaign but I will not support Obama

Clinton suspends campaign but I will not support Obama

I appreciate those that come to take a peak-see at my blog and this will be the last rant on the Hillary/Obama saga. Hillary Clinton gave a brilliant, courageous speech, very powerful, very effective, did you watch? She is now asking her supporters to support Barrack Obama.
ahhh- NO!... No can do. I support Hillary Clinton but as I have said before, will not be part of this farse of this Democratic election.

The Obama campaign has been media driven from the start, the media and the DNC behind Barrack Obama all the way, you know it..Clinton was not given a fair shake in this campaign at all period and the Clinton supporters know this. Lets see how nice and warm and fuzzy the media will be towards Senator Clinton, now that she endorses Obama.. Laughable.

It's bad enough that Hillary has suspended her campaign, but NOW on her official webby they are asking for you to support Obama and sign up with his camp on her own website... WTF? what a slap in the face. No,,, no ... no....

Do they think that Clinton supporters will cow down and be coerced into supporting a candidate that we do not believe in? Supporters are passionate in not supporting Obama, but thinking of moving to the McCain camp, that's a lightbulb of an idea now isn't?.

You have to ask yourself whether the passion of the people will bring John McCain to the White House or will the people say ahh, lets go with the guy we don't like or believe in? Americans aren't as naive as some might believe and this will be interesting how this will all pan out in the next 5 months.

perhaps I'll be back later to add other lil tidbits

Damn I just had to post a Beatle vid!

The Word-The Beatles

As I rarely get comments on my blog and welcome them, here is a response I gave to a fellow blogger posted here:

Does it matter whether or not we vote McCain, what chances really do we have in this country if our concerns will not be heard? the DNC made that known two weeks ago. Clinton supporters just might make that shift...No Power too the people, but the puppeteers that hold the money bags, behind the scenes.
Respectively, I cannot see John McCain doing ANY worse than what George Bush has done in the last 8! Hillary never had a chance no matter what she did!~ But she has been brillant!
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