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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Paul McCartney Quebec show draws thousands,soundcheck

Paul McCartney Quebec show draws thousands,soundcheck
Kevin Dougherty,
The GazettePublished: 2 hours ago The Soundcheck

QUEBEC - McCartney fans sang along to the 1960s Beatles hit Baby you can drive my car during the sound check as thousands converged on the site of Paul McCartney's free concert to celebrate Quebec City's 400th anniversary.
Serge Bélisle, of the Quebec City police, said about 200,000 or more spectators were expected.
"It's a North American happening," Bélisle said. "Everything is going well."

McCartney sang Hey Jude, The long and winding road, Honey don't, as well as Wings hits and singalong songs.
As helicopters flew overhead, spectators could hear McCartney say the bass sounded a bit off in the sound-check session.

Traffic was diverted away from the site and extra buses were added.
Many walked to the site while others used bicycles.
Bélisle said only between 80,000 and 100,000 would be able to actually see McCartney. The remainder of the crowd would have to see him on giant TV screens erected on and off site.

to be con....
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