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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why do People wanna ruin Pauls Gig in Quebec? forget the Politics!

Why do People wanna ruin Paul's Gig in Quebec forget the Politics!
please see video below too lol

Ok I can see people being political and not wanting Paul McCartney to play the middle east. such as Israel.. but c'mon people why do you need to try and ruin it for the people of Canada that want to see Paul in Quebec this Sunday? What a bunch of crap!!! Why cuz he is singing in English and not French? That is some weak crap!!!

In an exceprt from the national post
: Separatists decry McCartney's Quebec concert Another English invasion?
Graeme Hamilton,
National Post Published:
Wednesday, July 16,
2008 MONTREAL --

He will be wielding a bass guitar, not a musket, but Paul McCartney's free concert this Sunday on Quebec City's Plains of Abraham has some sovereigntist politicians and artists complaining of another British invasion!

. In an open letter endorsed by two Parti Québécois Members of the National Assembly, Quebec City painter and sculptor Luc Archambault informs:

"McCartney that he should learn some French songs before coming to perform as part of Quebec City's 400th anniversary celebrations "( ahh Bullshit!)

The presence of your English-language music on the most majestic part of Battlefields Park, as beautiful as it might be, can't help but bring back painful memories of our Conquest," Mr. Archambault writes.

Calling McCartney an "international Anglo-Saxon idol," he asks him to use his performance to make a plea for the sovereignty of the Quebec people. That, Mr. Archambault says, would display the same sensitivity to "the people of French Quebec" as the ex-Beatle has already shown to "the fate of the seals."
(In 2006, McCartney and his then wife, Heather Mills, dropped on to ice floes off Quebec's Magdalene Islands to protest the seal hunt.)

It's a celebration people! rejoice be happy and shake your asses off!! This is Paul McCartney The Greatest Living Legend!! If you donot wanna see Paul Live don't go to the concert period! Lighten up Buttercup!

When Paul Rawked out Paris this past year I'm sure the people of Paris France weren't pissed off that Paul didn't sing in French? He is freakin British! dumb dumb dumb dumb! lol

For those attending this event I hope you have a effin Rawkin great time!!!

After The Fire - Der Kommissar
Uploaded by jpdc11
Der Kommissar-After the Fire
Now what would this post be without a thoughtful video? hahahaha
Der Kommissar was originally done by Falco in German,... but I thought I would post
After The Fire's version instead from Great Britian! Both were huge hits on MTV in the early 80's also in Canada~ Love this video and gives me a reason to post it~ enjoy!
Don't turn around Paul uh oh, Der Kommissar's in town uh oh!!~ lmao

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