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Monday, November 03, 2008

Get out and VOTE Prediction Obama

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Get out and VOTE Prediction Obama
revised Obama's fav's song list-

Hey people, don't forget to vote tomorrow, Nov. 4th. Yes, I'm saddened Senator Hillary will not be in the White House, but feel, Senator Obama is the better choice to run this country for the people and the country. I believe Obama will win by a landslide, don't you? Your vote counts be a part of this history making, Election.

Congratulations to Senator Barack Obama for running a passionate, brilliant campaign and the new President of the United States, well done! Yes, I'm projecting. HA!

Oh... Good bye Gov. Sarah Palin & George Bush!

Barack Obama's top 10 Fav tunes has a top 10 list of Barack Obama's fav songs here they are below if you want to give em a lsiten.

Barack Obamas Favorite Music Playlist

Ahh it's too bad that The Fugee's,. Ready or not- is not playing in it's entirety click here to listen to the song.

Of course he doesn't have a Beatles tune selected, but a great list, Rolling Stones, Gime Shelter, Woot-wooooo! I'm pretty impressed with the list lol Ready or not by the Fugee's and Whats going on Marvin Gaye, two must listens too's, enjoy!
more later
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