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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

McCartney & Dylan?! Shocking!

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McCartney & Dylan?! Shocking!

ok, not shocking, I just wanted to capture your attention. Myself along with other McCartney fans have thought for years it would be a cool idea if Macca and Dylan would collaborate one day! a secret wish of mine. I did mention that here on my, months ago. Light bulb!
(Paul do you peek at my blog? lol) nah.. Paul has no time for such things as looking at blogs of his fans, nice thought tho, wishful thinking, like meeting Paul one day. Than I would be shocked!

I wonder what type of song James Paul McCartney & Robert Alan Zimmerman would come up with? Something old school or fresh? folksy or rocker? I couldn't begin to guess. Two of the most prolific. poetic song writers of our time of course it would be something brilliant, and you have doubts? kidding. (I'd also like to see Paul collaborate with Neil Young)

McCartney & Beatles news
As a Beatles fan & McCartney fan, I am feeling quite spoiled with all the publicity of late. From Paul's new album about to be released Electric Arguments, the 5th White album for auction, on Ebay ( lucky bastiff whoever scores that) and the latest, a Beatles track, Carnival of light, which we await anxiously, we hope, Olivia Harrison gives Paul her blessings to its release.

Oh yeah. and Paul is entertaining the idea of doing a gig in China- Um Paul? NO, period. Please do not go back on your word of never playing in China. Excuse me people for going on and on, I'm excited by all the news!

How bout some Dylan

Bob Dylan- Times They Are A-Changin'
Uploaded by aHobo

Yep, Times are changing.

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