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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Coldplays Violet Hill inspired by The Beatles

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Coldplays Violet Hill inspired by The Beatles
from GigWise

 Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed that the band's recent single 'Violet Hill' was inspired by the Beatles.
The singer said the song was named after a road in London that joins Abbey Road - a street which has now become synonymous with The Beatles

"'Violet Hill' is a street and it joins Abbey Road - so it's kind of a Beatles reference,” Martin told the BBC.
The singer added he didn't think he had revealed the songs inspiration “in public” before.

Violet Hill-Coldplay

OK, so If Violet Hill was inspired by the Beatles, than, why didn't Coldplay, film a vid around London's Abbey Road, Violet Hill; and other London spots? It could have been brilliant, actually it would have been brilliant.

(come to think of it I'm not recalling any videos filmed around Abbey Road?)

Coldplay could have kept their military garb as seen in video. (liked that bit) Great song tho, however this vid is slightly weak for me..I was expecting something else from Coldplay, when I first watched..comments?
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