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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Oh, so now Michael Jackson wants to make it up to Macca?

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Oh, so now Michael Jackson wants to make it up to Macca?
from The Daily
a snippet below~
Michael Jackson hopes to bury his 24-year feud with Sir Paul McCartney – by leaving his share of the Beatles back catalogue to him in his will.

"Macca said recently:
“The annoying thing is I have to pay to play some of my own songs. Each time I want to sing Hey Jude I have to pay.”

hb: I don't know how factual this article is? It has been rumoured for weeks Jackson is seriously ill- with a lung disease this is rough, and if true? I do feel bad for Michael in all honesty, since I first heard about it. Michael Jackson is a brilliant musician I do wish him well.
Now, Michael could "do the right thing" now and give Paul the catalog back this very moment, not wait until he dies, leaving it than to Paul in his will- forget that. If Michael Jackson is truly serious and sincere with his statements, than he would ring Paul up, and offer Paul McCartney's music back too him, right away- period.

I wonder if Paul would actually speak to Michael again after all these years? I couldn't see Paul saying " Yeah Michael, thanx its all good, I don't mind ya ripping me off- we're square now! "
See what greed does to people causes alot of hurt and grief.? Paul McCartney, shouldn't have to pay to play his own music-this is just plain silly. Let's see how this story unfolds.
more later
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