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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hey Beatles fans you heard it, Right?

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Hey Beatles fans, you heard it, Right?

Yesterday, you might have heard about it- that lil leak of unreleased Beatles music-NO not the anticipated Carnival of but....

that other one? Revolution One. So, I says to myself, self? What is the point of posting it when there is a great possibility of it being torn down, minced, chopped & dropped? It was! HA! No big surprise there, right?... stating copyrights... It was brill!.

Who would have thought it-someone, would actually "Get Their Knickers In A Twist?" As I write this post, I am currently listening for the 5th time. Kinda like a 5th Beatle. Thank goodness for mp3's. & well?..big fans of music who happen to- perhaps-Love the Beatles?

Surely, Paul McCartney, wouldn't really mind at all,-would he? after all, Macca, doesn't mind downloading music..We, buy all the music anyways despite the downloads or not..

Oh The Holy Grail? Lame!
Damn, will people get their facts straight? research first..I never said this was the "Holy Grail" did you? ha! Don't copy other ppls stories! make em your own. This is why I don't post about half the crap I read of the net, pure bullchips. I'm still waiting on Carnival of Light- lmao
thoughts anyone?
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