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Monday, March 02, 2009

Respect Love & Prayers going out to the Athletes lost at sea

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March 2nd...

Hey people, just a lil side note. Man, my mind has been on the 4 guys lost at sea since last night, (when I heard about it.) I just wanna show them some Respect & Love & Prayers- that I am praying for them..hard!

what am I talkin about? The four men that took off on a fishing expedition off the coast of Florida Saturday. Two are current NFL players & their buddies...

It seems like such a rare occasion when people are missing at sea. We hear about tragedy daily this one is getting to my spirit, real deep.What really bothers me most, is, not only are these local boys or had been local but these are athletes. We always look up to our athlete's as hero's! We want them to succeed We look to them as invincible-I know, I do. This isn't something you would expect happening to Pro Football players? It seems surreal...

I envision Marquis Cooper, Corey Smith & their buddies-fighting the waves, swimming & swimming to safety. I hope for this, I pray for this, it's really got my heart.Man I hope for their safety and I hope they are all still alive and well, beating off those waves .. I know The Raider nation is praying for Marquias safe return..please pray for these guys...

at home now and I noticed I didn't even bother to check my errors before I posted this. I truly hope and pray they are found..
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