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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Beat expo 2009 plus BEATLES casting call!

Beat expo 2009 plus casting BEATLE'S call This weekend!

Hey people, if you're out and about why not check out the Beatles Expo this weekend in Samford Ct. brought to you by Liverpool Productions & Charles Rosenay. Many artists to perform, guests to be seen FUN to be had!! Beatles, Beatles, galore- see link.. Charles always throws a great bash!

see here Liverpool Productions
All details Guests & performers at Charle's webby above! :)

snippet below:
Don't miss all the great bands, special guests (no charge for autographs or to take photos with the celebrities!),

question & answer sessions, music &
memorabilia marketplace, exhibits, karaoke, art gallery, FabFilmFest, rare videos and all the convention events and attractions (plus the special Hollywood casting call in search of actors to play John-Paul-George-Ringo).

It will all "come together" at the Downtown Stamford Holiday Inn, 700 E. Main Street, Stamford, CT starting THIS SATURDAY night 8pm-Midnight & THIS SUNDAY Noon-8pm (with an 11am early-bird VIP optional admission for collectors who want to get in to the guests and dealers before the general admission).

If that wasn't enough, Disney is holding a casting call for an upcoming Beatles flick!
'THE FAB FOUR' Feature Casting Audition Details:

Saturday 11/28/09 & Sunday 11/29/09

Stamford, CT 06901
Shippan Point Room

10am - 6pm

20yrs - 45yrs

  • This opportunity is for an artist to show us that they can embody the characters of JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE or RINGO.
  • These are lead roles for the featured film
The film will be shot as a MOTION-CAPTURE feature like the current Disney release of A CHRISTMAS CAROL starring Jim Carrey

IMPORTANT: We are looking for the vocal quality they had from 1967-1970

Man, too bad Steve Riks, wasn't in the states he could play all the parts ..heheheheh
Good luck to those of you trying out for these parts!

Happy Thanx Giving People!! Happy Thanksgiving Paul & The Band, Brian, Rusty, Wix & Abe!!! wooohooo eat your veggies. LOL We know you're in London for rehearsals for your upcoming mini Euro~Holiday gig(s)!

Don't forget to watch Paul McCartney tonight on ABC which will show part of The Citi Field concert this past summer.. It freakin Rawked!!! Check your local listings!!`

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