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Friday, January 08, 2010

Happy New Year People

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Happy New Year People

Ringo Tonight in 35 mins below

where has the time gone? I trust your holidays were filled with magic and -well, Anyhow it was uneventful for me. To the guy who keeps leaving messages in Chinnese, Korean or Japanesse. Dude, I can't understand your language I don't even know what in the world, you are saying- All do respect. You could however, leave messages in English. we don't trip here.. any type of English is fine.. OKEE  it's late I'm taillight's ..

So, I leave you with a new, Paul McCartney video, or is it? :)

Friends to go!!~

Ive spent alotta time on my own too- :)

Jan 12-13th 11:58pm

Ringo Starr, to be interviewed and perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in 35 mins...
check your local listing on NBC... Can't wait for Ringo!!~ :)

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