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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Out There-- Tokyo Japan!

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OUT THERE - Tokyo Japan!
konichiwa Japan, in tokyo to see paul mccartney- at the Tokyo dome. on this crap tablet. so stay tuned...Excited!
. . .Wow! can you say OMG!!! Tokyo dome, last night, was on fire; with incredible new set list... 50,000 people rocked out with Paul McCartney and the band which surely was a night to remember.. fans sang along and were very happy. I was 3rd row center and had a blast as always ... Pauls Japanese was great too. Even tho I had no idea what he was saying.. got pics, hafta return to the states and upload them.. 2 more gigs so stay tuned
a special treat Paul did -Oh My Way To Work. First time,.. played live for Japanese fans and ME!.. hahaha

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