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Saturday, September 21, 2013

What's NEW with Paul McCartney - iHeart Radio Jimmy Kimmel Live- NEW, album

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What's NEW with Paul McCartney - iHeart Radio -Jimmy Kimmel Live- NEW, album


Hey people, Paul McCartney is all over the place - on the west coast, that is.. Tonight, Paul, performs in
 Las Vegas at the iHeart radio festival, along with other major artists Bruno Mars- Justin Timeberlake- Drake to name a few. This show should kick ass- tonight's line up killer. Trying to score tix for the event really sucked.sold out in a few matter how many contests you entered, it was a-no go, lots of disappointed fans. The 2 night event is available here Yahoo iHeart Radio  where you can watch live..saw last nights gig pretty amazing...

Paul performs a NEW song last Night at Iheart Radio Everybody Out There - cannot find decent vid for "Save Us'

Oh you're gonna do Jimmy, Paul?

On Tuesday it was announced that Paul, would be on Jimmy Kimmel Live  LA; than an out door gig for  fans in the studio and those who were able to score tix. through a lottery via another tough one since there was high demand' for these babies -only 2000  tix were offered to those who got picked in the lottery ... the best tix for the studio audience - family friends VIP's same yayaya...

Lemme in Lemme WIN!

I entered that damn lottery ..and no luck .. 1st iHeart, now Jimmy Kimmel? Gutted! I kept checking my status.. "Sold out" was the message..Today, Saturday,  a last ditch option to tweet about the Jimmy Kimmel Hollywood Blvd concert,  tweets flying galore... kinda sad cos I travel to see Paul McCartney all over the world and I can't even fucking see him in my own state?... I still had to fly to LA .so bought a plane ticket Tuesday and was going to LA regardless.... I checked my status on ..available---WTF?
but I just had a message -- 'no tickets available sorry'--- I rushed to FED-EX to print off my ticket ..Yeah baby I'm going to the FREE gig-- whew.. thank you.. I leave for Burbank in the am.. bringing camera..


Well if you've been living under a rock and didn't know Paul McCartney's coming out with a NEW album entitled 'NEW' on October 14/15 world wide.... ... his first single "NEW" is quaint quirky with lovely harmonies.. The album's gonna be brilliant- buy it people you can pre-order via

check it out 

well, I'm 26 miles of beat...gonna watch the iHeart Radio gig in a few hours-- see you "Out There"
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