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Friday, May 11, 2007

part 7 the Macca experience

After a couple of hours, I left back to the Adelphi. I wanted to go. when I got there two people from the tour asked if I'd like head to the Cavern club - the band was having a party there so we went. There were lots of people hanging out ya know, no way in Sam hell you were getting into the Cavern.

We were waiting for some of the band to come out. The owner of the Cavern came out told us all "to go home" that Paul had left, lol man was he a smashed one? About 45 minutes later Geoff Baker comes out really lit!! ~

I went to take a picture of him, but Karen wanted a piccie with Geoff first, which I did she kept stepping on Geoff's toes he was wearing thongs multi colored believe it or not!! It was too funny!

Brian Ray came out, I approached Brian and said, Brian thanks for going on tour I'm from the states, he said thanks for coming told him I had just seen them in Sheffield & will be seeing them here in Liverpool, he shook my hand.... Than I asked Brian for a quick piccie together I managed to get 2 pics he then left...The pics didnt turn out well as they were blurry (note I just lost a whole page of this blog, that is maddening. errrr!!)


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