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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Beatles catolg "virtually settled" to Go Digital

Paul McCartney:
Beatles Catalog "Virtually Settled" to Go Digital
Every few months, a new rumor surfaces that The Beatles catalog, which has never been sold online (cover versions from other bands aside), is poised to go digital. Here we go again.

Paul McCartney, who had already told us his next solo album would be sold digitally by Starbucks, confirmed to Billboard that The Beatles catalog is, once again, about to be available for purchase as digital files. From Billboard's article:
"McCartney tells Billboard that a deal to make the Beatles catalog available for sale online is 'virtually settled.'"

Sure, Paul, we've heard this one before. But I suppose The Beatles will have to go digital eventually, and if McCartney is feeling the digital these days due to his Starbucks deal, maybe this one's for real. Whenever it happens, I just hope they do it in a new, inventive way that's worthy of the band's ethos.
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