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Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Trip to Grand Old England, a Macca experience!

I had brought a journal to record the historic event,, but I was too tired I managed to get 3-5 hours of sleep per night my whole time there which was 10+ days.

Anyhow I flew into Heathrow London!~ N I was tremendously excited a chicky pies directed me to the train to get to Eustin station area because that is where I was staying in London, whoops that’s wrong Paddington Station.

I walked out with me bags & dozens of cabs all never seen cool beans cabs such as that, so I jumped in too my final destination of the Thistle in central London, checked in an went exploring.... I wanted to text message but me damn phone wasn’t working, so I found an Internet cafe/phone place, no such luck! @!! ~~ I logged onto the McCartney site to let everyone know that I had

What I found out was that a lot of people were living in London were from other countries,...Italy, Africa, Belgium, Bulgaria, etc., The people from the other countries were friendlier than the locals after wasting bout 3 hours in the internet cafe, I went to the hotel had a pint and went to sleep for 4 hours... around 7pm I went walking about town.... The next day I took a sight seeing tour thru the hotel.... which kinda sucked, wait a minute that was Sunday, I have seemed to have lost a day...crumb...oh yeah, thats right well went all over London past the Tower of London, West Meinster Abbey, St. Pauls Cathedral.the River Thames, Benny Hills House & Bill Gates, Soho area, Piccadilly Circus, Bakers Street.

Unforuantely, we couldnt go into the churches cuz it was Sunday? But got a lot of PICCIES. Actually, I wasted a lot of film in London, lol...after that major waste of time it was off too the tube for some major exploring!!! ~ Lol I was in search for Abbey road!!! Wooohooooo.... (Man I knew I should have written this all down).... so I took the tube to that station ...hell don’t remember the name? Lol right when I came upon the street there was the Abbey road store ~ so be bopping into the store I went!!~Singing songs for everyone!!! Lol lmao!!
~Be right back~
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Anyways after a wonderful time in the Abbey road store~ I went searching for Abbey road I just asked people!!! It was soo beautiful there the houses the cars, lotta Rolls rolling by, lol..So I finally found it!!~ The historic Abbey road studios!! ~

Man, I was like wooohooo when I got there had someone take me piccie on the steps... I went to the front door & buzzed the receptionist.... lol I asked him If I could go inside,... he laughed & refused me flat!!~ I told him I was from the states!!` I managed to get a piccie inside but didn’t go I then signed the graffiti wall!! ~5 different times!!

I also signed FROM THE MACCA FANS @ PAUL MCCARTNEY.COM.... for you that were not older couple came strolling by I spoke to them for a bit~ they were quite friendly, come to think of it during my walk to
Abbey Road there was an elderly gentleman, sitting at a bus stop. He said to me "I HAVENT SEEN YOU IN YEARS" that was so funny & asked me how I was doing he was dressed quite smartly & said goodbye~

I thought maybe this was John Lennon in disguise? ....woohoooo!!~ So, at ABBEY Road studios, I took more photos of the wall a people walking across the Zepher, they then managed to get a silly one of me with my arms outstretched I waved to the cameras & smiled!!
After bout an hour and tired from the major walking..I asked a lady if I could catch a bus too I jumped onto the double Decker and away we go.... It was magical at ABBEY ROAD.... to be cont..
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So when I arrived back to town......oops almost forgot something VERY important while with the tour group ...we went to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard that was absolutely fantastic!!~ Not an ill but A LOT!!! So when I got back into town I landed on BAKER Street it was bushling with people!! ~

I went looking for the BEATLES store of London, wow! Great store I bought 23 45's a tee shirt a black & white picture of a YOUNG Linda & Paul McCartney!! ~ They gave me a poster form the UK tour from 1990 I was there about 3 hours listening to BEATLES music & going thru records, I took a cab back to the THISTLE & asked where's a quaint place was to eat? They the porters suggested, the IZZA. A few blocks away try a few miles lol..Had some great seafood pasta there & salad~~~ a lovely place I took the tube back, man was I bushed!! ~

I must have walked about close to 40 miles while on me trip no fooling!! ~ When I got back I looked for an internet cafe, found one, had a cappuccino~& logged onto the MACCA SITE.... after posting I went back to the hotel, & went to sleep mind you only 5 hours, before that I Phd Sam Leach & Sarah F... we were playing phone tag!! ~

When I awoke that morning I was soo bushed that I Phd the FEATHERS in Liverpool & told them I was too beat to make the trip!! They were very understanding... so I forced myself to go to the Tower of London after getting onto the wrong tube station!!. I had to back track & finally landed there ...what a long track to get to the Castle itself. I went in where they were having a guided tour by a "BEEFEATER" never understood that title, he was wonderful...telling stories of King Henry the VIII~ Ann Bolin and other ugly treacherous things that have happened over the centuries!! A wonderful place! A must see for anyone! Did you know that the Tower of London is an actual working palace? Yes, it is guarded! Saw the changing of the guards there...The Queens jewels...I LOVED that place but didn’t see the torture chamber though...bummer! I viewed a lot of armour including a horse in full Armour, fascinating!
To be continued...
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Ok! It's Wednesday~ Well I’m very distraught right now because one of my kitties was shot yesterday and another one died before my trip!! Unnatural causes, I’m soo beat!~ haven’t caught up on me sleep, but will try to fill in some blanks about the trip~ my kitty Nanie, might not make it!~!~ I hate cruelty to animals that’s one reason why I’m a veggie.

So where was I, hum, well those people at the Thistle messed me up and upgraded my room. I decided to stay an extra day in London.

I couldn’t make the trip to Liddypool~ Solo here we are the next day & its time to check out on my way to Liverpool. Got me things three very heavy bags including all em records that I bought in Beatles of London so, I had a reserved seat including a table I sat with an elderly & a gent that were from Liverpool? I told them about my experience (man quick note I just forgot a few things~ well will repost on Paul's board ) they were excited a very impressed that I had come all the way from the states to see PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!

Woohooo~ looking at the English country side I was thinking back when the fab four would make these trips, & the film hard days night, what would they be doing now, at present time if they had taken this trip that I was on? Hehehehe... saw lots of green grasssss and a lot of lambie pies! Loved em, the babies too.... I couldn’t get over the fact that I was actually traveling to Liverpool where it all began? Doesn’t anyone realize how historical or important this trip would be?

I went to get some coffee & the gent at the counter had a definite Liverpudian accent, just lovely asked where I was going? He says you’re a Beatles fan eh? Enthusiastically YES! I said your go’ in to see MAACCA YES!! I said yeah-he smiled and fixed me up me coffee. I went back to my seat & I could definitely see that I had spoken these people’s ears off? Lol... I tried to write in my journal -I managed one paragraph but couldn’t concentrate as ya know on me lack of sleep.

Closer & closer Liverpool was approaching I was feeling my heart pounding! ~ Than they announced LIVERPOOL!! ~ Wooohooo I’m here, the Beatle Mecca of the world. I had troubles getting my bags out~lol so dragging all my luggage I managed to get to where all the cabbies were..They were a friendly bunch!! ~ Welcome to Liverpool they screamed out!! ~ Wooohooo was me..Hehehe...

To the FEATHERS hotel I said? They cabbie said story of me life? Why I say, Short fare? YES!! He smiled, don’t worry I gave him 4 pds for a tip he was grateful! What I found odd outside of the train station was the name of a restaurant with a Vegas title? Crumb forgot the name? I entered the hotel & thought man this is warm & comfy, a real English welcome & hospitality....

So, when I checked in I phoned Sam Leach we were to meet at the Cavern pub a while later, he suggested that I go eat at another restaurant with the Vegas style name, I had fish, not what I was expecting but it was good enuff..when I finished I hurried down the hill into the shopping mall in search for Mathew street, wooohooo, I got lost, I noticed the sign that said Caevern walk...the walk looked very old world with its cobble stones amd old buildings so hear I was walking down the infamous Mathew street.

I past a pub named John Lennon~ the Grapes. I could hear Beatles music in the back ground playing from somewhere? hehehehe, past the Beatleshop~ & Cavern club to my left & then the Cavern pub to my right~ I was here, yeah!!~ so I entered looking for Sam, who was nowhere to be found.
I had me a pint and waited on Sam, all the Beatle & other rockin roll memoribilla was awesome, you have to see to believe it.


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