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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Story Part 2

So, when I checked in and phoned Sam Leach we were to meet at the Cavern pub a while later. He suggested that I go eat at another restaurant with the Vegas style name. I had fish, not what I was expecting but it was good enuff...when I finished I hurried down the hill into the shopping mall in search for Mathew street- wooohooo - I got lost!!

I noticed the sign that said Cavern walk...the walk looked very old world with its cobble stones mad old buildings so, here I was walking down the infamous Mathew street. I past a pub named, John Lennon~ the Grapes- I could hear Beatles music in the background playing from somewhere? Hehehehe, past the Beatle shop & Cavern club to my left & then the Cavern pub to my right. I was here yeah!!

So I entered looking for Sam, who was nowhere to be found... I had me a pint and waited on Sam, all the Beatles & other rockin' roll memorabilia was awesome, you have to see to believe it, then approx. 15 minutes later Sam walks in.

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