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Thursday, May 17, 2007

part 10 a Macca experience

We continued to get ready, I had my entourage tying em ribbons in my hair~ hehehe all curly Q's & stuff,when we finished I was nervous ..Fiona rang us,..before we left, so off we were to see Paul McCartney making history at the dock~ as we left the Adelphi we got many a stare from all the crowd guaranteed people were wondering who the sam hell I was?,....hehehehehe..we continued thru the square, my mates & I, Sarah, Daisy & Harley!!~ woohooo we got onto Mathew street & I thought Sarah was going to bust with excitement!!~

down the cobble stone we walked .we walked into Beatles store of Liverpool!~ all the stares we were getting Swaying Daisy took my piccie next to the life size Paul cut out~ cute.. as we were leaving the guy behind the counter that Looked like a John Lennon youngin~ (cannot locate the foto for the life of me) said to me "oh thats a bit much" we left continued to The Cavern

club...Sam Leach was outside selling his book the "birth of the Beatles"~ we all hugged Sarah met Sam & we took piccies,.. we then went into the Cavern & walked around, man did it rock in there there was 4 gents dressed as Seargent Pepper Beatles~ we had our piccies taken with em..we left an so we walked across the Cavern pub,, there Swaying Daisy too my piccie with the John Lennon statue as you see to your left~

and then I put the black Macca top hat on John's head and we took piccies~~ hehe there was a camera man at our location asking if he could film me he was from a local TV station in Liverpool to be cont.~
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