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Thursday, May 10, 2007

part 6 the Macca experience

Anyhow, Swaying Daisy has set me straight. I forgot about the Magical mystery Tour. We went to Georges house got out took piccies , Strawberry Fields, that was beautiful and Penny Lane. We saw were the Barber shops of all the heads the barber use to know!~ Lol! We went around the round about twice in front of the barber shop...we didn't get out for piccies there because I think we were pressed for time... so many stated that we missed a lot of the Magical mystery tour.

We needed to go to Sheffield that evening... so Daisy what else did we see on the mystery tour that I hadn't mentioned? Crumb...Pennylane is quite a lovely area, grassy green, and beautiful! I cannot recall much more than that for the tour. Later that evening we did go to the gig which was already posted above Sheffield.

Hey, Swaying Daisy I will jump in here since I can't sleep because the people in the apartment upstairs keep bumping around and making all kinds of noise. Yes, I think the MMT tour is supposed to be like 7 hours and ours was about 3 and a half because we were going to the concert. (Can't really complain about that, but would have liked to have seen the rest of the sites on the tour- guess I can go back one day.) We got out in front of the hospital where John was born, George's house, stopped in front of John's house, had our pics made at the Penny Lane street signs and at the Strawberry Fields gate.

In front of Paul's house, these little neighborhood girls came up and sang "When I'm 64" to us - that was cute. Can't remember what else. We did pass by where Ringo lived but the bus did not stop. I was most disappointed at not getting to get out at the church where John and Paul met but like I said, it gives me a reason to go back.

I did mention that we went to a play at LIPA to see a boring play about french crazies,..taken from the 1600 century give or take a few thousand years, after that, we left went to a pub around the corner, Ye Olde Cracke, from LIPA~ PAUL IS SINGING ON THE RADIO NOW... lol

Well, we went into this pub and a biker dude asked me where I was from the United States or Canada? After the initial interrogation, I sat down with him to have a pint. After a FEW~ we went pub hopping to an Irish pub & then off to the Jacaranda. This guy, the biker told me I could get my mate "Sarah" into the gig as a guest, but couldn't promise if we would meet Paul, he even offered his cell phone for me to ring some friends in the states... what a cool dude!

To be continued of course!
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