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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Part 9 the Macca Experience

so after that big ta do at the Cavern,...we finally went back to the Aldelphi was about 3am & we were very bushed and excited that we would be seeing Paul that very next day omg!!~wooohooooo!~ In the am we got up Swaying daisy took a bath first than me I think lol lol alot!!~ we had to get ready for the historic event!~ I was also waiting for me mate Sarah F to arrive from Darby shire who was driving down, I was surprising her with a ticket to the liddypool gig!~

Can You imagine an "English Lass" such as Sarah had never been to Liverpool? ghastly I tell you~ Swaying daisy and myself were very nervous!!~ she was deciding what to wear to the concert & I had all my outfit already ....the hardest part was doing me hair getting those ribbons all ready to adorn it lol..Finally, there was a knock on the door....Who could it be but Sarah F me mate had arrived!!~ wooohooo, she met swaying Daisy, I gave here a prezzie it was a a Cable car music box that twirled around the top playing "I left my heart in San Fransisco" I also gave her a few postys from the city!! she Sarah, was very shocked that she would be attending the Liverpool gig!~ she was ecstatic actually!!~ to be con..

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