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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paul McCartney is a Genius & a Gent

The Sun

By RICKY WILSON Lead singer of Kaiser ChiefsMay 16, 2007

THIS week we are highlighting the candidates you voted to be in the running to be named Greatest Living Briton. Julie Andrews, Paul McCartney, Robbie Williams, Margaret Thatcher and the Queen made the final five.
The winner will be decided by a live vote and announced at a star-studded bash on ITV1 next Monday. Here, chart-topping pop star Ricky Wilson puts the case for songsmith Paul McCartney.

FOR those among you who are unaware, Paul McCartney used to be in a band called The Beatles, who played out of Liverpool.
During his time with the group they changed the face of popular music, wrote some of the world’s most recognisable tunes and inspired generations of kids to form bands and make music.
To be a critic of The Beatles and what they achieved is to be a knob-head.
I have met people who claim not to like the band. Most of them do this purely for effect (and will usually try to convince you that their favourite, obscure Sixties band Snake-legs were far superior).
For me this only helps to solidify the truth. The Beatles were, and are, the greatest band ever.
Other critics of Paul McCartney often try to belittle the role he had in The Beatles. To have one great songwriter in a band is a good thing, to have two is lucky, to have more than that is phenomenal.
And a group full of great musicians and songwriters can only help to make a better band.
You would think that when The Beatles came to a close Paul McCartney would want to put his feet up. But, like all great musicians, it seems that making music is just something he HAS to do, and something he has done ever since.
Whether it be with his post-Beatles band Wings, or as a solo artist, he has continued to write fantastic tunes.
The nomination of any other musician in the Greatest Living Briton category is nothing but a joke.
Genius ... Macca on stage
I tried to think of anyone else non-musical deserving of the label and I honestly can’t think of anyone who doesn’t sound silly next to Paul McCartney.
I believe that to be Greatest Living Briton you should be self-made, but at the same time not do what you do simply for personal gain. I know that his music has made him a very rich man, but it certainly isn’t the reason he gets up in the morning.
Outside music Paul McCartney has been able to use the fame and respect he has earned for many noteworthy causes.
He is well known for his animal rights work and anti-landmine campaign, as well as for putting his weight behind the Make Poverty History campaign, Live Aid, Band Aid and many, many others.
You also get the feeling that everything he does is genuine, not to increase his popularity or sales.
He continues to make music not to fulfil any contracts or prove he’s still the best. He simply does it because he wants to — always the best reason.
I suggest you give Paul McCartney a double thumbs-up and vote him the Greatest Living Briton.
After all, the choice will reflect on you. I can’t think of anyone else I would rather see represent us.
The Greatest Britons 2007, in association with Marks & Spencer, is on ITV1 this Monday at 9pm.
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