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Monday, June 25, 2007

Freakin miracle Geoff Baker you Rock!

Wow I heard form Geoff today he has registered with the "Fame it thingy" tuff I know Geoff, just wondering if he is going to vote for lil Ol me I know your able to read my blog Geoff hopefully you will get how to comment here, see comments below ehehehe.

Geoff is just a great person all around so stop it haters! he has been so great to Paul & Linda McCartney & fans over the years, you know who you are! Now he has this rockin lil band Purplemelon and there rockin purple music. Geoff is funnier than ever always has been. don't you just love British humour?

above is a lil piccie I acquired Geoff, Paul & Linda McCartney commin off a tour bus dunno what damn year it was tho! perhaps Geoff will tell us the date. Geoff I cannot wait for you to grace us with your presence.
your friend
harleyblues christina
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