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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

In LA for secret gig once again 6/25-27

Hello in LA again awaiting the secret gig!! I was up all night in line freezin!! stay tuned got some good stuff commin up!!!

just walked in the door, tired as all hell, Ringo Starr was there the row over from e got some great piccies from the small gig also there was Jeff Lynn from ELO Alanis M. Olivia Harrison, Barbara Bach will post more later wiped out.

Day 1
well I knew for days that the announcement would be made about Paul's upcoming gig got the email at 4pm from Paul called the shuttle in a made dash, packed a bag, of course I forgot most of my things hehehehe.

I was nervous becuz people were already lining up at the Amoeba record store on sunset.

got on Southwest and off I was too Hollywood again. once there I flagged down a shuttle co. they were impressed that I flew out to see McCartney (well lots of us do it!) the shuttle driver drove like a bat outta hell I was there in no time at Amoeba forget the hotel!

so I was number 93 someone was taking names and giving numbers. I was standing most of the night cold and freezing the guy next to me went to get me a chair the kind you sit at a table with a tall back lamo. I had nothing not a blanket, a tent, sleepin bag not a damn thing and no one offered either to bad for me.

I met this fabby couple Katie and Alex and their bro Joe.

Katie had a knee brace on and was up with me most of the night, yeppers I was up for 28 hours can you say sucked? Well it did! I walked back and fourth during the night as the line grew larger by the hour. The Amoeba staff were great except for one guy, gawd! around 12am I went across the street and walked thru the drive to get coffee YEP WALKED, well they closed early lol. by morning time I couldn't take it no more. I had to find a place to rest my head.


so here I go trampin down Sunset blvd tryin to find me a hotel success. I found me a seedy lil hotel and went to sleep for 2 1/2 hours I had just gotten up when my phone rang! It was Swaying Daisy my friend from Alabama she said I had to be in line right now they are given away the tickets for your numbers and IF you were not there I'd loose my space well the hotel was only 2 short blocks away so I made a mad dash to get in line. So they began given away the tickets me of course #93.

At one point one of Paul's people came around talkin to some of us I told him that I have seen Paul in 4 countries up to date. He thought we were crazy spending the night on the streets Michael thanx for being so nice! I just lingered for hours there not really havin a place to go I felt stranded actually pissed off. then someone off McCartneys webby asked what I was doin Shannee she said I could hang out with her, wheew what a relief!

Special gig day!

So here it is Wednesday Shannee and I get ready for the gig and arrive at 10:40am to get in line they wanted us in numbered order as you can expect there were line jumpers and they had to go to the back of the line! well that's what they get Katie, Alex & brother Joe arrived wooohooo! they were next to me Beatlechick was kind enuff to loan me one of her chairs so we sat there waiting, waiting, media was goin thru the line and interviewed Katie & Alex (note the media was mostly at the front of the line forget the 300 plus down the line. lmao.
12:30 they begin to give us our BLUE wrist bands as the line creeped slowly forward! once there we were met by Paul's security and Amoeba staff ID's were looked at and your names crossed off this was all being filmed, Mark Hamilton was in great spirits I wanted a piccie with him I showed him a piccie of me from Liverpool 03 as I usually wear my "Macca hat" and gear "its me" I said, he smiled everyone was in great spirits than back in line we went for 7 plus hours.
There was a huge line also directly across the street, these were people that came Tuesday night hoping to get numbers so they waited to see if there were wristbands left to be had.

finally, at 7:30 pm we began to be escorted into he Record store Man was that feakin excting as we were brought in groups at a time. People cheered as we entered the store it was great! So while we waited patiently with the DJ there was a buzz to the left of me one isle back
RINGO WAS IN DA HOUSE! so was his wife Barbara. Olivia Harrison, Alanis, & Jeff Lynne! Awesome!
we had a feelin that Ringo might come up and play with Paul & The band but this would not be the case. Matchbox rocked the house!~ as did "That was me! " off Paul's new album.
Paul sang "that was me in the band & that was you too"! smiling and pointing to Ringo!.SWEET
Paul dedicated a loving "Here Today" to John Lennon, George Harrsion & Linda McCartney
(man I'm gettin chills just postin this) Paul became emotional had tears in his eyes, his voice quivering I began to cry for Paul as many others did too It was very moving.
It was an awesome set with Back in the USSR, Only Momma knows, Saw here Standing, Get Back, Lady Madonna to name a few.
I was waving my hands frantically to Paul, when he came out trying to get his attention he had such a nice smile, expression on his face like "I know you" "nice to see you" look to him very genuine. Even when I went to take his piccie he just looked in my direction so I could get a shot. Thankyou Paul, it was rough bein on em streets for almsot 3 days but Great to see you and the band once again!
Love you Paul!

Oh you can see me wavin a yellow rolled up sign on this video that's the extent of me makin somethin! lol also Im standing directly behind the girl with brown hair holdin up the sign "Gratitude for Paul" that Toni from Chicago passed out to all the fans!
LA Setlist
Drive My Car
Only Mama Knows
Dance Tonight
C Moon
The Long And Winding Road
I’ll Follow The Sun
Calico Skies
That Was Me
Here Today
Back In The USSR
Nod Your Head
House Of Wax
I’ve Got A Feeling
Get Back
Baby Face
Hey Jude
Let It Be
Lady Madonna
I Saw Her Standing There
As soon as I'm able to I will post the piccies I took with my camera fone.
stay tuned!

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