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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Paul McCartney woohoo Macca !

They say it's your birrrthday well Happy 65 for you Paul sending Love & Peace from Across the Universe!!

Love you Paul, have a Beautiful Day, it's still the 17th in the states the 18th in Engalnd, enjoy your day with Bea & Heather.
Linda McCartney

If you'd like to leave Paul a message please do so, maybe
one of Pauls people will see it and read it perhaps
and show Paul !
PS. please look here from fans around the world wishin Paul McCartney a Happy birthday! enjpy the video!
congrats Jay Jay you made the video !! you go girl woohooo!!!!!
included Randy Jackson, Ellen D, & Mike Myers
Love you Macca
Harleyblues note:
lol Jay Jay is the blonde with the blue sign with her daughter also next to the birthday cake. lol
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