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Monday, June 18, 2007

website Mod gets to see Paul with a lil HELP from her friends & Mark Hamilton

harleyblues note: Mark Hamilton is head of Paul McCartney's security, I thought he was Pauls personal body guard:

Several years ago Shacat was seeing a Paul McCartney concert & missed it. She is a ashmatic and was rushed to the hospital due too second hand smoke, here is her personal account of the Highline ballroom gig New York June 14

Photo courtesy of Shacat.

Posted: 06-15-2007 01:59 PM Post subject: My story....

I will never, ever for the rest of my life, tolerate another bad word about McCartney/Beatles fans. You’ll understand as you read on. Couple of things that you need to know about me before I go on with my NYC story: 1. I rarely ever do these sorts of things. But, Paul is the only one in the world (except my Mom) that I would go thru hell for.

2. I nearly died the last time I saw Macca live. I had a bad asthma attack b/c some jackass wouldn’t stop smoking, and I had to be carried out. Bad, bad time. Having said this, please understand that going to NYC to see Paul meant quite a lot to me. It’s always been a dream of mine to see Paul in a small venue like that in person (not on TV), so to have the chance to... OMG….my hands shook with excitement whenever I thought about it on Tuesday and on Wednesday. Today’s Friday by the way. Lol So, I found out about the NYC show on Tuesday morning—

I don’t check the internet at home (kind of a rule of mine, of sorts) so I was a bit behind on getting the info. The instant I read it, I started making a plan to go down to NYC. Bad thing is that I was three days away from payday and close to broke. So, a friend of mine loaned me some money and I got a bus ticket. By the way, I need to say…I hate the bus. Just plain hate it. I left my house at about 9:15 on Tuesday night. My roommate gave me a ride to the bus station, and I got on a bus and was supposed to be in NYC at 3 am. It didn’t happen that way. Sufficed to say that the trip down was abominable and we were late getting into NYC. I don’t think I’ll ever take the bus again for anything. I’d give you details, but trust me…it was bad. I didn’t get in a nap before I left the house (though I did try…too excited)….and it’s impossible to sleep on a bus, it really is.

So, I’d been awake since about 5:15am Tuesday morning. I was exhausted…but determined. Finally got to NYC a little after 4am on Wednesday. I’d forgotten to get cash for a cab when I was in Boston, so I had to find an ATM. That was a feat. You’d think there would be one right there in Port Authority. Well, actually there is….but it was on the other side of a locked gate…the Port was closed at that time in the morning. So you could only go in and out of it, nothing else. Got a cab and I got in line somewhere around 4:15 or 4:30. Not sure quite when it was because I was completely exhausted. When I got in line, the guy in front of me handed me a list to sign. I was number 44.

So, I thought WOO HOO! I’m sure to get a wristband! Yeah, right. Then I found out what happened on Tuesday. There were so many different stories told about what happened on Tuesday that I honestly stopped listening to them. Here’s what happened: made the announcement about the show on Monday night. Now, whether or not that was a day earlier than planned (as had been suggested) I don’t know. The announcement said that wristbands would be given out on Wednesday at 12:30. And, as I said…I didn’t check anything from home before I left. Big mistake. Anyway, people started lining up as early as Monday night. And, the venue didn’t like that at all. So, Tuesday evening—somewhere around 4—they gave all of the people in line a ticket.

This ticket guaranteed them a wristband, which they got on Wednesday at 12:30. There were 120 of these given away. And, only a total of 150 wristbands were supposed to be given out. People claimed that the total number wasn’t known at the time, but I don’t believe that. I’ll suppress my feelings on this matter because I know there’ll be people who’ll argue with me.
harleyblues note:
the link above tells the rest of the story & how Mark Hamilton got her a wrist band after they had all been given away!! so happy for KJ getting in to see Paul!
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